teamMy career started in 1989 as an adviser on quality in software development and maintenance. The first eleven years I grew from this area into the broader management consulting, with a focus on governance and the structuring of processes.  In 2000 I joined Gartner and advised many clients on the use of IT in their business. My focus on the governance remained and I was often asked to clarify the role of the IT department in the context of the strategic business objectives.

From 2005 onward I have led a number of larger projects and programmes to deliver business value. This enabled me to get in depth knowledge in the areas of product introduction, life insurance, international payments and customer processes and CRM. Especially in my position as Executive Director Performance Improvement at Ernst and Young  I managed  complex and important projects for international banks.

I then, after more than 20 years in advisory and consulting, felt ready to start my own company. Ernst & Young has stimulated this decision. Having successfully built up several new initiatives, this step continues my line of activities. The team of professionals I have selected to deliver high impact engagements and value to clients are available for the important ventures my clients are undertaking.