Comfort zone or Zero Gravity

DorfstrasseWe all have our comfort zones and things we like to do. For the project it is key to not gravitate to this comfort zone. Our preferences draw us to things we are always doing and like, not to the ones that need to be done. Many of us have to make an effort to pick up the tasks that need doing and the ones we would like to avoid.

One approache to this is to choose and deploy a team that suits the necessary tasks. In addition project managemen tmust watch for gaps and discuss the areas where the team does not fit the tasks. These tasks need to be addressed either by the team as a whole or by the project manager.

This area of project management is key for a smooth project. Therefor the definition of roles and expectations of team members is also key. If necessary the project manager should not hesitate to provide training to get a complete coverage of skills for the tasks at hand.