Strategic Decision making process

The key strategic decisions made at the start of a project set the context for its success. It is therefor key to structure the decision making process in such a way that key stakeholders are involved in framing the project. Some of the key decisions are around the project itself, concerning project objectives, approach and timeframes. Other decisions are focused on the governance and risk processes.

The key stakeholders that make the strategic decisions need to be brought up to speed on the relevant issues and details. It is no good to get decisions fast, while not backing the decision up with enough information for the stakeholder to feel comfortable with the results. The decision making process should involve enough stakeholders from different levels. The best decision teams also include experts and people with a different approach or even conflicting interests.

A project manager should encourage an “open mind” until appropriate analysis has been concluded to prepare for a decision. It is recommended that a team of experts are used to assess the alternatives and the project feasibility if the recommended decision is actually made. If there is time and budget a pilot situation may be set up to better illustrate the risks and issues and to create insights into viability of the alternatives.