Crisis Management

desertCompanies are losing millions in wrongful project spending and this waste is being carefully hidden from management. Research reports shows that two of the biggest contributing factors to failed projects are the lack of alignment of projects with Corporate strategy and the lack of clear communication about the project status.

If a project is in crisis we need to start out by having a two pronged approach: Fight the immediate crisis and make the difference for the future.

To fight the immediate crisis you should get help for the project manager. In most cases the source of the crisis is in the past and cannot be solved by the same actors that have let the situation develop. A crisis has been building during a period in which business executive and project manager have not connected in a productive way. This connection needs to be restored.

There are four key factors that will make a difference for the future.

  • Alignment;
  • Profession;
  • Best Practices;
  • Measurement.