Day One Readiness

valueSo there you are, after a long period in which preparations have been executed. The project manager assures you everything that was agreed upon has been achieved. Are you ready?

The time for making all preparations for a successful project delivery and company’s profitability is now, when you are still able to do so.

This approach has its origin in the answer to a simple question: How can you be sure the business is ready to deliver the benefits that you set out to achieve?

One of the big lessons with all projects is that they fail because of a lack of one accountable leader who can be given and exercise the authority to enforce any organizational changes necessary for project implementation and success.

A content based approach is necessary to give the level of confidence and comfort to the business executive, in addition to the usual audit on a project. This content based approach will reflect back to the original Terms of Reference (ToR) for the project and find out how many of these have been prepared and if the business is ready.

The independent assessment of that question is an assurance of the good work the project team did and for you as a business executive it shows what can be expected from the execution. I use seven key elements to assess Day 1 Readiness:

  • Preparation
  • Mobilization
  • Reaction
  • Execution
  • Reporting
  • Preparation
  • Integration

Questions that need to be answered under each of these headings include: How was business involved in the project? Have buddies been assigned? Has a reaction been foreseen and anticipated? Have stakeholders reacted to the reporting?