FATCA Approach

countMy approach is based on the key principles of compliance, building pragmatic assumptions and process models to enable each business to achieve this in a cost effective manner.

I appreciate that in the current environment, cost management is more critical than ever. FATCA is only one of a number of global regulatory changes facing the company. Therefore, the project needs to fit in with your current change initiative with the least disruption to your business.

My approach to FATCA is built up around a number of guiding principles.

    1. The first is traceability of regulations through requirements to the actual changes made.
    2. The second is the mobilization of the relevant key roles across the company.
    3. The third key principle is de-scoping. FATCA is aimed at a certain group of your customers and it is vital for the company to identify areas that can be de-scoped from
      the obligations.

Timing of the initiatives is crucial. The timeline below shows the urgency and complexity of the multiple deadlines FI’s have to cope with.FATCA-timeline